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Need some meeting space or just want to guarantee that a seat is available when you arrive?

Many of our venues now offer this service at a low-cost. Just search for meeting spaces and call to confirm.

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For the home-worker

Working from home can be great but for those of us who want a change of scenery now and again, a new community to feel part of, or just want to be able to work without stepping on the kids toys, this is for you!

Sign up for free to find venues which welcome home working. All of our venues are recommended by our members as laptop friendly spaces.

Bike Parking? Pet-friendly? Wifi? coffee? Just select what you need to find welcoming venues close to you. 

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See the same faces but not sure if you should say hello?

Use Thryve to advertise your own skills and connect with other local homeworkers and venue owners.

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What our customers say

I got fed up having to quickly tidy the house every time I wanted to do a Zoom call. Now I can reserve a seat in my village pub and Zoom from a comfy chair next to a log fire! Lovely!


Recruitment Consultant, Goring

Our strength is in our numbers! By joining Thryve you are helping us to reach as wide an audience as possible to make a real difference to local economies.

Please spread the word using your social media, recommend favourite venues and let us know which features are important to you.

Just dropping into a cafe with your laptop is okay every now and again but its useful to be able to guarantee a seat when we need to have a face to face meeting, join a conference call, or simply make sure we have our favourite seat every Thursday morning.

We are working with our venues to make the booking process as seamless as possible so bear with us and watch this space.

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Do you have a service that you can offer our members? Tax advice? Accountancy help? Cleaning? Marketing? Recruiting?

Contact our team today as we build out a robust partnership network, getting the best service and great deals for our growing membership.


The COVID pandemic has seen one of the biggest movements of workforce since the industrial revolution.

Many of us are now working from home and missing our work colleagues and a sense of 'belonging' at work.

At the same time our local small venues are struggling to make ends meet as footfall and revenue drops.

We wanted to do something about it. We wanted to help home workers get out and feel part of their local economy and we wanted to help small venue owners to easily become thriving co-working hubs, removing the need for a commute and helping the environment and our health along the way.

So we created Thryve. Work locally.

Beat the home working blues!

We all miss work, but we sure don't miss the commute. 

We are free range workers. We are reviving local economies. 

We are Thryve!


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Easily allow freelancers to reserve a table and build your custom during those quiet periods.

Simply add meeting spaces to your venue, what facilities are provided, how many people you can cater for and what the cost is, if any.

We will do the rest and advertise your meeting spaces to all of our customers.

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For the venue-owner

We all know the current pandemic has made things hard for small businesses hit by ever changing rules. But where there is adversity, there is also opportunity. Home workers need somewhere to work. Join our community & welcome them in!

Sign up for free to add your venue to Thryve.

Showcase your venue by easily adding photos and a description. Let your customers know what's on offer with our easy to use facility filters.

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Once you have added your venue it couldn't be easier to create and maintain special offers.

Coffee upgrade? 10% off pastries with every cuppa? Book a meeting room? After school babycinos? 

Don't mind if I do!

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